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UPDATE: Baseball Heroes Hack v2 – coming this year.

Baseball Heroes is a new anime-style baseball sim for Facebook from Korean developer Syntasia Incorporated. The game entered a closed beta test period back in December of 2011, but launched its current open beta version in early April of this year. Earlier this week, the game showed up as the 9th fastest-growing Facebook game by DAU.

Yes, we did it again. Our team managed to hack another facebook game, Baseball Heroes. This is one of the most well-designed game ever, but it’s also one of the easiest to hack due to our released hack. See what Baseball Heroes Hack Rv1 can do by watching our videos on our youtube channel. We are glad to say that this time we worked on the design of our application so now it looks much more nice than our other hacks. We are still using that private proxies for extra-safety and you can add up to 400 energy every day, up to 100.000 coins every day ( even more if lucky).

What’s new?

You can now choose from a wide-variety of browsers, and more to come. You can also use your own proxy if our doesn’t work (well, this never happened but we added this anyway).


add up to 400 energy every day;

 add up to 100.000 coins every day;

 uses proxy for safer use;

 support multiple browsers;

built-in upgrade;

and much more to come.

Virus scan here (0 / 42) 

Status: Undetected
Baseball Heroes Hack

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  1. A1sTheMan says:

    Thanks, worked great. Good job here!

  2. Jackie says:

    This baseball heroes hack works so smooth.

    • justinberry says:

      can u julia send me the file ican’t download it plz send it to ma fb banjamin drian a lit boy pic plzzz julia

  3. Davor says:

    Can you share the file to me…
    I can’t download it…

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